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Covid-19 Safety Plan


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To play our part in flattening the curve and halting the spread of Covid-19, The GPO Bar + Kitchen operates under a series of procedures and protocols collectively known as our Covid-19 Safety Plan. The purpose of this document is to reassure our staff, and in turn our guests and the general public that from day 0 we have taken this pandemic seriously, and are doing everything in our power to provide a safe work environment for our staff, and a safe socializing environment for our guests. With that in mind, based on recommendations by WorksafeBC, ABLE BC, BCRFA, and guidance from the provincial government, we have implemented the following procedures, broken down into 3 categories:



  1. We have updated our policies such that before returning to work, all staff must agree to stay home if they have: 1. Travelled outside of BC in the past 14 days. 2. Came in contact with a person or area known to have an outbreak of Covid-19. 3. Have a fever or show symptoms of Covid-19. We have prominently displayed posters in our staff area to remind staff of this policy.

  2. Before returning to work, staff will be trained on our Covid-19 safety plan.

  3. Staff will have a pre-shift health check in the form of an infrared temperature check. Any staff member with a temperature of 37.5℃+ or showing symptoms of Covid-19 will be sent home to self isolate.

  4. All staff members must wash their hands after touching their face, eating, drinking or smoking, handling cash, after routine cleaning, and before and after their shift.

  5. Kitchen, FOH serving and bartending staff will be required to wear masks at all times.

  6. All deliveries will be tracked for date, time, supplier, driver, and staff member who accepted. Staff members who accept deliveries must wear masks and disposable gloves. To limit the amount of people entering the kitchen, deliveries must be placed outside the kitchen area and brought in by staff.

  7. We have staggered the start times, and break times of staff to limit congregation of staff in the same areas.

  8. Serving staff must not directly hand card machines to customers, instead placing on the table or counter. Machines must be sanitized after each use.

  9. To limit hand to hand contact, bartenders must not hand drinks to servers or guests, instead place it on the server's pass for the server to pick up, or on the table for guests to pick up. The same rule applies to line cooks with food.

  10. Rather than handing food and drink to guests, servers must leave food and drinks at the front of the table and guests must pass them along

  11. To prevent servers squeezing in between guests, a chair should be removed from the table to provide an adequate entryway for service.

  12. Staff will continue to have no contact with the rim of glasses and minimize touching of crockery, condiments and cutlery.

  13. Areas of high traffic such as work surfaces, light switches, door handles, bar stools, tables, countertops, bar taps, fridge handles, POS screens and credit card machines must be sanitized hourly.

  14. The capacity of the kitchen has been reduced to 3 people. 2 kitchen staff and 1 server/food runner.

  15. The capacity of behind the bar has been reduced to 2 people.

  16. If customers would like to take some of their food home with them, they will be handed a container to fill themselves, rather than the usual protocol of staff filling it in the kitchen for them.

  17. Kitchen staff will no longer be permitted to share knives and other equipment. Any equipment that must be shared must be sanitized between use.

  18. We have appointed a Health & Safety ‘Point Person’, John O’Neill, who will ensure that all best practices and protocols are being followed, and that all relevant information and educational material are distributed to staff.

  19. At the bottom of this document, we have posted a province wide medical resource list for key medical + mental health, and bullying resources, and approved sources for Covid-19 information.



  1. Guests will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon entry into the premises, that will be available at each entrance.

  2. Guests will be assigned a seat upon entry , and must remain seated for the duration of their stay except to use the restrooms and to leave.

  3. Bar service is prohibited except for guests seated at the bar, and guests must remain seated in order to be served.

  4. Staff reserve the right to respectfully refuse service to guests deemed to be showing symptoms of Covid-19. A poster has been placed by our entrance asking guests not to enter if they are showing symptoms, have travelled in the past 14 days, or have come in contact with the virus.

  5. Guests will be encouraged to use contactless payment methods where possible.

  6. Party sizes have been capped at a maximum of 6 people per group, and our tables have been laid out to that effect.

  7. Coat check until further notice.

  8. Hands Free door openers have been installed at each restroom.

  9. Hand to hand contact (handshakes, fistbumps etc) between customers and staff are no longer permitted.

  10. We will be using QR code menus and disposable menus rather than traditional menus.

  11. We will be switching to single serve condiments. For condiments that cannot be single serve we will be sanitizing after each use.

  12. 1 member of each party will be required to leave their contact info with their server in the event the provincial health officer requires it for contract tracing

  13. Customers are required to wear masks when not seated at their table, including upon entering and exiting the premises, and on route to the restroom. 

Updated Practices:​​

  1. Where possible, tables have been moved 6ft away from each other. Where this is not possible, Plexiglass panels have been installed to help with social distancing.

  2. The capacity of our inside dining area has been reduced from 150 to 100 people, excluding staff. Our capacity is clearly posted, and a member of staff will be tasked with ensuring we do not go over that capacity. Our updated capacity is clearly sign posted in our dining area. 

  3. Plexiglass has been installed throughout our main patio at fixed tables that cannot be separated 6ft.

  4. The capacity of our main patio is 50 people, excluding staff. Our patio capacity is clearly posted, and a member of staff will be tasked with ensuring we do not go over that capacity.

  5. Our temporary courtyard patio is open for food and liquor service as of April 11th. The capacity of our courtyard patio is 26 people, 2x 3 person tables and 5x 4 person tables, all distanced from each other by 2m. The capacity of our courtyard patio is clearly posted. 

  6. We have placed 6ft physical distancing markers outside in the event that a lineup forms.

  7. No items will be stored on vacant tables, and will only be delivered to tables as needed. This includes condiments, cutlery, menus and marketing materials.

  8. Tables will be sanitized between seating's.

  9. Hand washing instructions and reminders have been posted at public, staff, and kitchen hand basins.

  10. We have installed touch free soap dispensers and hand dryers/paper towel dispensers in all restrooms and staff areas.

  11. All of our cleaning products have been approved by the BC Ministry of Health, and MSDS sheets are available upon request.

  12. Our nightly closeout procedure is clearly posted in both FOH staff areas and kitchen.

Previous Revisions:​​

  1. June 15th 2020: Mask use by FOH and BOH staff made mandatory. Serving staff now permitted to bus tables, but must also increase hand wash frequency.

  2. July 15th 2020: Plexiglass installed at bar, in between patio tables and some indoor tables. The use of digital menu boards and disposable menu's stopped and replaced with digital QR code menus. Internal capacity increased from 75 (50%) to 85, in line with the provinces lifting of a 50% capacity cap. We can safely accommodate 85 while physical distancing. The capacity of our patio increased from 25 to 50 in line with above also.

  3. August 15th 2020: Reinstated the use of roll ups. Cutlery must be rolled with clean hands and gloves are also recommended. Began using garnishes again. Garnishes prepped using gloves, and put on glass using tongs. Guests must remain seated throughout the duration of their stay in the pub, and must not mingle with other guests. Guests must not sing or dance.

  4. September 15th 2020: DJ's playing background music have been cancelled until further notice.  TV's and house music will be no louder than normal conversation volume. Last call for liquor for onsite consumption is 10pm 7 days a week, and guests must leave the premises by 11pm.

  5. November 20th 2020: Guests must wear masks/face coverings when not seated.

  6. December 31st 2020: In line with the latest PHO last call for liquor service on New Years Eve December 31st will be 8pm.

  7. January 19th 2021: More plexiglass added increasing internal capacity from 85 to 100.

  8. January 29th 2021: DJ's playing background music have returned on Friday and Saturday evenings. In line with event restrictions there will be no advertising or entry fee. The volume will be no louder than conversation volume and all other protocols are still in place. DJ's will be positioned behind plexiglass partitions

  9. March 17th 2021: In line with the latest PHO last call for liquor service on St.Patricks day March 17th will be 8pm.

  10. March 30th 2021: Until April 19th 2021, our indoor dining area is closed and we will just be seating the patio.

  11. April 11th 2021: Courtyard Temporary patio containing 26 seats now open.

  12. April 19th 2021: Indoor dining closure extended until May 25th. Patio seating and takeout still available.

  13. May 25th 2021: Indoor dining has resumed with an internal capacity of 100 people, all other restrictions are still in place.

  14. June 15th 2021: Liquor is now served until 12am 7 nights a week. Volume limits on TV's, DJ's and background music lifted.

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This document and its procedures are accurate as of October 19th 2020, and will be revisited at least monthly, with expected major updates upon the release of a new Provincial Health Order.

Date of (latest) next revision: July 15th 2021.